Greenleaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Greenleaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicate combination of a variety of different cultivars, each offering its own distinctive flavour to create a well-rounded and soft Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This cold extracted combination has proved very popular as an all-purpose Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is exceptionally well-suited for cooking, making sauces, dressings and marinades, or just simply to drizzle over your favourite dish.

  • Comes with an innovative pop-up pourer for mess-free use in the kitchen
  • Delicate intensity
  • All-purpose
  • 100% South African
  • Cold extracted
  • Endorsed by The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA
  • Halaal & Kosher certified
  • The Greenleaf Olive Company is a member of the SA Olive Commitment to Compliance (CTC) Scheme

Available In:

  • 250 ml Glass Bottle
  • 500 ml Glass Bottle
  • 1 Litre Glass Bottle
  • Bulk on application


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