Our Extraction Plant

In early 2011 we commenced construction of a 1050m2 state of the art cold extraction plant. All the equipment was shipped from Spain in 3 x 40-foot containers by Pieralisi, accompanied by three specialist technicians for the installation, commissioning and training of our personnel. The plant was commissioned during mid-April 2011.

With this plant now in operation accompanied by our 2 mechanical harvesters, we are able to take fruit from the tree and extract its oil within 2 to 3 hours. It is then stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen ensuring absolute freshness.

A brief overview of the extraction process

The olives are brought in from the groves by purpose-built skip trailers which tip olives into the 10 tonne receiving hopper. From there the olives are conveyed by conveyor belt to the washing plant which cleans fruit and removes leaves and twigs. The fruit is then conveyed by conveyor belt to a 14 tonne holding hopper. From there, it is fed through a hammer mill and into one of two Pieralisi Panorama Malaxers, each capable of holding 4 tonnes. Here it is gently warmed by a water jacket to temperatures varying between 26 to 30 degrees to enable the oil to separate from the pulp, pip and water. It then travels through the Pieralisi SPI 333S centrifuge to separate oil from pulp.  The final process is for the oil to go through a Pieralisi Talento Separator which removes any fine partials that may still be in the oil. From here it is pumped into settling tanks where it is stored under nitrogen.

All these procedures are carried out below 28 degrees ensuring The Greenleaf Olive Company’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold extracted and of the highest quality.