Mechanical Harvesting

Having 180 000 trees obviously presents a huge challenge as we aim to harvest the fruit and process into oil in a short period of time to ensure optimum quality. For this reason, we have developed our farm so that our groves are suitable for mechanical harvesting. This is carried out by our two harvesters. Younger trees are harvested by a Braud harvester, very similar to a grape harvester. The larger trees are harvested by a Colossus olive harvester, developed and purpose-built in Argentina. This has proven to be the most successful means of large scale olive harvesting and is extensively used in the larger modern olive groves in Australia and South America. True to its name, the Colossus weighs 24 tonnes and can harvest trees with hard wood up to 4 metres in height in under 30 seconds per tree. This method enables us to be able to pick the fruit in optimum conditions and deliver to our processing plant for extraction within an hour of picking ensuring freshness and quality.

Harvesting in progress