Origin: Greece
Purpose: Oil

The Tree

Koroneiki is the main oil variety in Greece . The tree has medium to low vigour with a spreading and sparse canopy. It comes into production early and its productivity is high and constant. It has a medium rooting ability and is sometimes grafted.

The Fruit

The fruit is ovoid and small, (approx 1-2 grams) and so harvesting by shaker will be limited. Koroneiki ripens in the early to middle of the season.

The Oil

The oil content of Koroneiki is high and is rated highly. The oil has a high level of oleic acid and is very stable.

Agronomic Characteristics

Koroneiki flowers early and produces abundant pollen but should be planted with pollinators. This variety is resistant to drought but does not tolerate cold. It is resistant to peacock spot and moderately resistant to verticillium wilt.