Origin: Spain
Purpose: Dual

The Tree

Hojiblanca is the third most planted variety in Spain behind Manzanillo and Picual. It is a true dual-purpose variety. It is rated highly as a table fruit and produces excellent quality olive oil. Hojiblanca has medium to high vigour and an erect medium to dense canopy. It has an intermediate start to bearing with high productivity, but is prone to alternate bearing. Hojiblanca is also tolerant of calcareous soils.

The Fruit

The fruit is large and oval shaped without a nipple. Its time of ripening is late and it has a high attachment force, which may hinder harvesting using a shaker. The fruit is considered well suited for the Californian black style process because of its firm texture.

The Oil

Hojiblanca has a low oil yield but the oil is rated very highly.

Agronomic Characteristics

Hojiblanca is susceptible to peacock spot and verticillium wilt. The variety is considered hardy, as it is drought resistant and tolerant to cold.