Origin: Italy
Purpose: Oil

The Tree

Coratina is one of the most important Italian varieties, especially favoured in the area of Puglia, the largest olive growing area of Italy. This variety adapts very well to different growing environments and conditions.

The Fruit

The fruit is large and oval with no nipple and many small lenticels. The fruit ripens evenly and late in the season. In some years it is also suitable for green table olives.

The Oil

Coratina produces very high quality oil with high levels of polyphenols making it very stable. In Italy the oil produced from Coratina is intensely fruity and pungent. Interestingly these sought after oil characteristics are present in oils produced from Coratina in completely different growing areas like Argentina.

Agronomic Characteristics

Coratina comes into bearing very early and productivity is high and constant. This variety has shown some susceptibility to sooty mould. Coratina is tolerant of cold and in some areas of its native Italy it is planted as a pollinator; however Coratina should be planted with other varieties for cross-pollination.