Origin: Spain
Purpose: Oil

The Tree

Arbequina is one of the main varieties planted in Spain and has been widely planted in Argentina where it is one of the most productive varieties. The tree is hardy, has low vigour and a spreading medium to dense canopy. It comes into production early and has high and constant production.

The Fruit

The fruit of Arbequina is small and spherical with no nipple and a few small lenticels. The fruit ripens unevenly and matures early to mid season.

The Oil

Arbequina produces a high yield of very good quality oil. The oil is rated highly mainly for its good organoleptic characteristics. The reduced levels of oleic acid and relatively low level of polyphenols in the oil lead to its low stability.

Agronomic Characteristics

Because of the trees lower vigour, it has been used in more intensive groves. The fruit is small which may cause problems if harvesting using shakers; our Over The Row Continuous Harvester suits this variety. The flowering time of Arbequina is intermediate and it is considered self-compatible. This is a hardy variety resistant to cold and tolerant to salinity.